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Cystic Fibrosis Support Network of Michigan

The Cystic Fibrosis Support Network of Michigan is dedicated to providing services and support to individuals with cystic fibrosis, their families, and the communities that support them.

As a small non-profit organization, it has been operating since 1972.  Each every year brings new research and hope. Unfortunately, every year more babies are born with cystic fibrosis. The impact to them and their families is momentous. People living with cystic fibrosis have difficult lives, which can be shortened by this deadly disease. In fact, the average lifespan of someone with CF is currently 38.

 Cystic Fibrosis Support Network and MPDCI’s camp

In 1972 a cystic fibrosis camp started.  CF children got together with other children like them. They played, took enzymes, did breathing treatments and chest percussion therapy together. These lucky children were supervised doctors, pharmacists, nurses, respiratory therapists and others who jumped at the chance to volunteer to help the kids.  All this took place for one week in Battle Creek, Michigan. They enjoyed 25 years together. The magical bond created as 100 hundred campers did chest percussion therapy together was powerful. Someone remarked that the gentle, rhythmic pounding sounded like busy beavers building a damn.


At the very height of popularity, medical researchers discovered that CF children could transmit deadly bacteria to one another. In fact, it was shown that camp was at the center of the discovery. This knowledge led the Cystic Foundation Foundation and the doctors at the CF clinics to declare camps verboten. 

With camp suppressed, the CF community went into a deep depression. The children and young adults who attended this magical camp found it difficult, if not impossible, to accept.  Through force of will and perseverance a few brave souls were determined to find another way to meet the needs of our Michigan CF community. 

How the Cystic Fibrosis Support Network helps

What the Cystic Fibrosis Support Network of Michigan does is wrap a bit of warmth around these families. We contact them and let them know we are here and we care. Each member of our board has personally been affected by this disease. Over the years, the board has been made up of people who either have cystic fibrosis or are spouses, parents or caretakers of people with CF. We know firsthand the daily struggle of living with this disease.

Today the Cystic Fibrosis Support Network still services the CF community. For those 18 years and older, our objective is to provide support and financial assistance through education scholarships. For children with cystic fibrosis we fund several key programs. Our website describes our programs in more detail. Here we list current programs.

Child wearing a batman mask received in a C.A.R.E. package.
Batman got a C.A.R.E. package
  1. family Summer Adventure program  
  2. biannual C.A.R.E. packages
  3. camper scholarships
  4. educational scholarships
  5. birthday card greetings

Put a smile on the face of a child. Make a generous donation today.

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To learn more about cystic fibrosis and its impact go to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation



Formally known as Michigan Pulmonary Disease Community Inc. or MPDCI

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